Julie Mann

Life Coach, Educator & Mindfulness Facilitator

Welcome. I'm so glad you are here.I'd love to introduce you to the power of positive neuroplasticity & thought work!I’ll help you become the watcher of your own mind and learn to rewire your brain. As you learn to uncover your thinking, while allowing & processing ALL emotions, you will get unstuck in any area: food and body, overall health, relationships, finances, career.In doing this, you will gain back precious mental space & energy so that you can create the life you deserve.

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  • "I want to share that I am feeling soooooooo grateful today! I have been binge-free for several months (since I joined the group) and that feels like a miracle!!!! Truly. My weight seems to have stabilized and on my beautiful morning walk this morning I had this radical thought . . . "what if I don't ever have to go back? What if I can just live my life one day at a time without bingeing? What if it could be that easy?" Being able to live my life without the food obsession is something I haven't been able to do for 45 years. And now I'M DOING IT!! Woohoo!!! Thank you all and especially Julie!!!" Dawn

  • "I just wanted to check in with you After our session . I am having a great week. I have been bulimia free! I am working on a lesson each morning and going back and doing the coaching calls. I am hearing new sentences in my brain that are for health and healing. I am sitting with the discomfort while my digestion is healing... I feel committed to just be with it in a kind, compassionate and calm way. I am doing the three steps of eating adequately, nourishing, expecting, and allowing urges and celebrating! I made an urge jar and have five different colored beads for different successes. I just wanted to give you this update, because I could see clearly for myself after talking to you, how very dangerous the bulimia is." Kristin

  • "You opened a door and shined the path for more than just my recovery, but for a whole new life full of unimaginable richness. I can never thank you enough... In many ways I feel I owe my life to you...I've soared! I'm fully, 100%, completely, thriving and living recovered. I'm not complacent in my recovery and still put the basic principles of 'eating adequately' and 'anticipating and welcoming urges to binge' in practice, but I do not binge anymore. And have not for nearly a year. I still enjoy listening to you often on the BOB podcast (it makes me smile every time I hear your voice) or reading through some of your lessons from the group. You are really an inspirational human and have brought wisdom and joy to so many. Tomorrow's my birthday, I will be 39. I started crying the other day on my walk home thinking about my birthday. It was tears of joy. I realized that my 39th year will be the first full-year where I live completely free and recovered. When I first met you in September 2021, I was 37-years-old and truly did not want to live another day. I thought after 25 years of bingeing that surely I was a hopeless case. That first BOB Sunday group meeting, when I learned that you also soared in recovery after suffering from the bingeing habit for decades, and that I could borrow your belief in me, was a pivotal moment in life I will forever remember. So thank you Julie Mann, thank you for being you and sharing your gifts with the world. I'm eternally grateful for having known you. Jessica Conners (UK)"

  • "It's important for me to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me. It was when I revisited the brain over binge podcast a few months ago and I heard your voice, it really changed everything... It takes a powerful, unique, special and wise soul to catch my attention and YOU, have such a magnetic energy about you. I was hooked! Everything about your approach resonates with me so much. I was searching for years to find that person who could help me through my particular struggles, and you have been such a blessing, have such brilliant, relatable advice, and have been exactly what I needed to take that next step towards healing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are helping heal so many people!! It's amazing!! You have a gift, and it is truly admirable. " (Brain Over Binge Group Member)

  • "Woke up this morning to hit my longest binge-free streak in well over a year…it's finally clicking in my head. It's just food and it has absolutely no power over me. Urges are harmless and meaningless…And being binge free…I'm even more confident…I finally love myself and I am working to take care of myself…I know I just met you Julie but you have done so much for me. I was making progress with recovery but after our call and joining the group, everything is falling into place. It is all clicking. I'm really not able to find the words to explain what you have given me, but I am just so grateful and so excited for the future.” Samantha

  • “I am finally FREE of binging. I FINALLY realized that all those thoughts and urges weren’t really me, just the lower brain doing what it does...it doesn’t know any better, it’s not personal. I appreciate you (coach Julie) so much, and your cheering me on and believing in me, as I for sure didn’t believe in myself. And thanks for helping me use my own tools to help me along." Andrea

  • "Desperately trying everything to be free from binge eating, I attempted reading books, to getting a meal plan from a PT and even attending psychology sessions, all which left my recovery seeming hopeless. I was tired of trying 'everything in the books.' The moment I received an email from 'Brain over Binge' promoting Julie's coaching, I knew God had answered my prayers. A spark of hope lit in up in my spirit as I began reading Julie's reviews and practice. Julie brings so much passion, positivity, and hope to every session. She has helped me to transform the way I entirely view myself, the eating disorder and food. Julie goes above and beyond our sessions to keep me accountable, with emails and check ins, which has always proved her investment into my full recovery. I look back and honestly cannot fathom how far I have come. I am proud to say that I have complete food liberty and am free of that destructive, cycling habit that once controlled my life!" Chiara

  • "I would recommend Julie to anyone who wants to make a full recovery from their eating disorder. Working with Julie completely transformed how I view my thoughts. She made me realise that freedom from binge eating is something I can choose right now, and always. I have never felt more supported in my recovery than when working with Julie. She met me where I was at on my journey, and helped me to discover my own unique ‘formula’ for freedom- she treats everyone like an individual and knows that there is no one size fits all approach to healing. It’s so clear how much Julie genuinely cares and how passionate she is about helping others recover. She will always be your number one cheerleader and biggest support system." Bernadette

  • "Please allow me to give you my specific mental shifts after working with Julie: I am now a conscious observer of my thoughts. The answers have always been inside me. I now always face my “Future self” and not the past one. I feel safe removing all harsh food rules and can gently and fully understand what eating adequately means for me. She tweaked some of my misunderstandings and therefore helped me write my personal freedom story. I honestly feel healed, free, and at peace. That gift is priceless, and I am truly humbled." Tammy Toso

  • “I started working with Julie about a month ago. I have learned how to readjust my thinking and habits. Her sessions are simultaneously laser-focused and specific while staying flexible and positive the whole time. It feels like I'm just sitting and talking with a friend who isn't judging me AND giving really helpful targeted advice! I leave every session with really clear "homework" to act on or think about. She always has great insight for things I haven't thought of or considered before, and she's really teaching me how to focus on becoming the fulfilled and well-rounded person I know I can be. This is the first time in my life where I feel like I am actually going to achieve the goals we set out together. I can't recommend her highly enough!” Liz

  • “Julie's calm and non-judgmental presence was so comforting and reassuring to me. She has such a deep and personal understanding of the issues I was facing, and she was able to guide me toward insights that had a profound effect on my recovery path. Through Julie's kind questioning and uplifting spirit, I learned how to accept my full self and begin to practice self-compassion. Her mindfulness-based approach was truly the missing piece for me. I absolutely loved working with Julie, and recommend her coaching for anyone looking to overcome their eating issues and embrace all of life's joys.” Melissa

  • "Dear magical, insightful, wise, realistic Julie. My future self & I are at ease, free, and living in total lightness of being. I am living in my busy schedule with many bumps in the road and positive highs....No bingeing, not even on the radar. It's just so automatic to live and be. This is so freeing. You are the best onion skin peeler! You have my endorsement, positive vibes, applauds and huge virtual serotonin hug." Dari, 72

  • “The coaching sessions with Julie have been an immense support over the last few weeks for me. With Julie’s whole hearted attitude and genuine kindness, I was able to open up to her and also be completely honest with myself through that. This was the fire in my journey of becoming binge free for good and also working on my thought patterns and allowing and processing all kinds of emotions. Julie is not only very empathetic, she brings a breadth of knowledge from brain science to mindfulness and compassion and in-depth experience about how to work on emotional and binge eating. With Julie’s focus on the wins and successes, I am not only transforming my habits around eating but also how I approach life generally. It is a true pleasure and win to be able to work with Julie!” Prisca, 32

  • “Julie has coached me on several occasions. She has a unique ability to be gentle and at the same time highly motivating in searching for answers with me to end "struggles" and find peaceful new ways to deal with urges. It is really amazing how much you can move in a good direction with only a few minutes of coaching.” Charlotte

  • “I have known and worked with Julie for about a year now and her empathy and kindness still blows me away every day. She understands the struggle with food and is great with giving new perspectives that are hard to see on your own. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments with her that have helped me cement my knowledge and obtain a deeper level of learning. I would highly recommend Julie’s coaching to anyone struggling with binge eating that wants to make massive progress.” Amber

  • “Julie helps me see my mind clearly and with great kindness.  She is helping me see my patterns of thought and behavior, and from this place of understanding I can make changes that will undoubtedly benefit me for years to come." Anonymous